Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today was a Good Day. Ice Cube. Remix

This morning I woke up remembering my dream that was in Japanese. I did not understand anything that was being said in my dream, but my dream state told me that it was Japanese and it was an unmistakable sound. Only makes since that I would have such dreams; I listen to the noise that is Japanese all day. The Japanese that was being spoken made sense to the other Japanese people in my dream ... it is a start.

And today I had on a new pair of wool socks and a new turtleneck that matched. I kept pulling my turtleneck up around my little cold nose.
And my shirt smelled good like new, department store bought, cotton.

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mols said...

this is exactly how you looked when I used to smoke cigarettes and you WERE annoyed now...I am just giving you shit. anyways I really love your blog there are moments of genius everywhere.