Monday, November 19, 2007

No Shame

I have no shame in admitting that this was the best part of my day and it will probably end up being the best part of my week:

important section reads: "My favorite teacher is Ms. Caity. She is very cute."

important section reads: "I like talking with Ms. Caity. She is very pretty."

If 14 year old Japanese girls do not think I am kawaii, I am not sure what else there is.

Also, these Japanese Jellyfish are super.

And my new Jellyfish bag glows in the dark:

But it is too cold for swimming now.


Anonymous said...

I wanna jelly fish bag!!!!!!

Caitlin said...

Well, I am the only one that is allowed to have it.
If you get one we are in a fight.

funkychicken said...

Are you friends with Julia?

Are you a fan of jellyfish?

Go and visit Julia and get her to take you to the aquarium near her town. Jellyfish is it's specialty.

You can even eat jellyfish icecream!