Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dear God,

Can I please make arrangements to come back as a Japanese high school boy in my next life?

I will wear lots of peace signs and hot pink.
I will shave my eyebrows.
I will have dramatic hair styles.
And I will touch other boys in ways that are not encouraged in America.



Cara said...

Iku and I have been talking a lot about Japanese boys wearing pink! Patrick's guest appearance in glamour would have no context in Japan. also, I often wish I was dressed/hair styled like the hip asian boys/men that come into Sushi Republic (not Japan, but that's all i got right now). Hey, I can give you one of those haircuts in January!

brad said...

As a high school teacher I agree. Hot pink, thinned eyebrows, lots of touching.

"Dear God," Part II

Please don't let the other teachers know how much money I am making because I do a LOT less work than everyone else. And please make the Japanese question why they leave all the windows open at school when it is freeeezing outside. And please count how many times "I like dogs" is said in Japan in one day.

funkychicken said...

So true. So so true...