Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I have met all the good people there are to meet.

Five years ago I went to Alaska to work at a Girl Scout camp. At Girl Scout camp counselors give themselves names. I chose the name Tendu. And the best friend I made there chose the name Belly. Belly is from Melbourne, Australia. She has been traveling around the world doing student exchanges and taking occasional time off for the last year and a half or so. She left Montreal to go to Toronto and made it down to Pittsburgh to see me before she headed back up to New York to go home to Australia.

I greeted her at the Greyhound Bus station and she brought her inspirational energy into my and Jocelyn's home.


Other people spent a long time in the kitchen and we ate delicious food outside.
me, jon, brad


We laughed, climbed, swam, and had moments not wanting to be anywhere else in the world other than exactly where we were.





At one point I stood next to Belly and Brad and was completely amazed that these two people from different parts of my life were meeting. Belly was not so surprised. When we left Alaska we genuinely promised to see each other again. And when Belly was in Pittsburgh she reminded me that she said she would come visit me. Simple as that. I haven't met many people outside of Japan that I feel like I could travel with. But we talked about places we have yet to go to. And she is true to her word.



All the good people are spread across the world. If we were all together it would be much more dull. And I wonder if there are anymore good people out there to meet.