Monday, November 26, 2007

Haikus about it.

Pittsburgh represent
in Kyoto this weekend.
Started with coffee.

Looking oh, so fly
take the train to Osaka.
Danced until sunrise.

Temple was super
special. Found meaning to life
under red leafed tree.

Julia and Brad
suggest we all share the juice.
Then we put on scarves.

Sushi, sashimi,
mashed potatoes revive us.
The rap stars head home.

We find Tina's shoes.
Wake up to enjoy one more
coffee. Hugging bye.

Bus ride back down south.
Brad tells me I smell real bad.
I think I might barf.

Kyoto was the
dream fantasy trip for all
three. Lets never leave.


Leah said...

Bottle me up some of that Japanese magic and send it my way.

Emily said...

dear fembot dental patient, your eyes are beautiful. if only they were half as sexy as miss caity's. maybe if you were a real person posting on a blog, you would write more. do it or... i will drill into your mouth and not care how it feels (even if you pretend to care)