Monday, November 12, 2007

Please Teach Me Many English

I stopped at a Lawsons, at 7am this morning, to get a can of hot coffee and a juice before I flew down the Tokushima expressway. I listened to a podcast of Wait, Wait, Don`t Tell Me and laughed out loud (all the way from Japan) at the discussion of Giuliani`s obession with the digits 9,1, and 1.

When I pulled into my Monday morning elementary school there were no cars in the parking lot. I walked up to the locked door and turned right back around, happy to have one less lesson to plan this week.

Gillian Welch kept me company as I planned a Jr. High lesson while sitting in my car in the empty lot.

When I arrived at the Jr. High School I found a typed letter on my desk:

Thank you for using our shop for the other day.

We feel sorry not to explain to you well.
We explain the exchange of fasteners to you again.

We will exchange fasteners of your clothes.
It is because the fastener is completely broken.
Exchange fasteners must be relieved with a fastener that looks a like.

It takes about one week (or 10 days) to do it.
The charge of the exchange is about 1800 yen.
Please you must pay when the clearing work is completed.
Please come for the receipt when it does for one week.

I`m always working in the city office.
In the city office, the visitor who sometimes speaks English is seen. However, I run away, and leave it to the person who can speak English.
And, I only use poor English when traveling abroad...
I felt the importance of the study of English, because I renewed.

Please teach happiness that speaks in English to the junior high school students.

We will wait for the next use.

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