Thursday, November 8, 2007

I will be really tired on Jan. 14th

On Dec. 23rd I will fly from Osaka to Bangkok. Then I will travel to Chiang Mai and meet up with the sustah. (But not Zack. Do not let the photo confuse you).

Then this guy that I met at the Tiki Lounge, in the South Side of Pittsburgh, will meet up with us in Chiang Mai. So that will be cool.

Then When I get off the plane from Bangkok to Osaka, on Jan. 7th, Cara and Rory will meet me in Osaka.
(But Kiel will not be there and there will not be hot dogs or blunts. Do not let that photo confuse you).

I will just dance my way through Southeast Asia, have Cara and Rory help me tear up Japan. (Without Hillary and her miniskirt. Just keeping you from confusion). And then I will be poor and tired when I give some more goodbye hugs on Jan 13th. But, I will have lots of pictures and souvenirs.

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