Friday, November 9, 2007

Jesus is Magic

Holy shit. I am so excited I cannot even contain myself to wait for a moment when I have more time so that I can post a proper blog (including illustrations) on this subject matter.
So Japanese people do not know about Hanukkah. They know all about Christmas. They even exchange Christmas gifts.

Today in my adult language class some people started asking me about Christmas. Then I started talking about Hanukkah. They had never heard of it.
I drew a picture of a menorah and the star of David on the board. We talked about Adrien Brody in the Pianist. I explained the reason behind having two pieces of hair, hanging from the hat, to frame ones face. I had them all say the word "Torah."

Guess what Ikedacho, this ALT is not going to do Christmas. Christmas is old news. It is all about Hanukkah this December.

Please send me any Hanukkah paraphernalia you might be able to spare. I will probably have an "incident" involving children's books on Hanukkah, within the week.

The best part of the class was when the old guy Sho (who has amazing English) asked me, "Isn't Jewish and Christian ancestry very similar?"
And I replied, "Yes, yes it is. But the difference is ... well ... Christian people think that like ... Jesus ... um ... they think that JESUS IS MAGIC."
It just came out of my mouth, like Sarah Silverman snagged my soul and helped me through that speechless moment.

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Emily said...

The chosen people would be (I mean are) very proud of you Miss. Caity. Don't forget about the oil lights and latkes