Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How much gin did Dad put in the Fish House Punch?

Of course, I educated Japanese elementary school kids about Thanksgiving.

The combination of holidays and arts and crafts is the most beautiful thing in teaching English as a Second Language.

But, I am feeling a little bummed that I will not be in Pittsburgh this long weekend. For some reason, I have this urge to be at the Saloon this Wednesday night, avoiding eye contact from some high school friends and desperately trying to make eye contact with others.

Even though I never really have fun at bars in Mt. Lebanon. I always just end up looking around the room and realizing I am wearing more clothing than about five girls combined. And I am the only one drinking whiskey and ginger ale while everyone else drinks Red Bull and vodka or Coors Light.

And last year Tim Jones was there.


So I will not feel that bad about things.

The last time I was abroad on T-day I was in Prague. And my academic adviser made a wonderful thanksgiving dinner.

Obviously, there was LOTS of red wine. No matter what happened in Prague there was always red wine.

Then I was drunk, and full of turkey and stuffing even though I was thousands of miles from North America.

Have fun this Thanksgiving as you question how much gin my dad really put in that fish house punch.


Jane said...

Lets just say "far more than enough!"

Caitlin said...

Wow Mom, way to go on the internet skills ... way to go!

Joel said...

i was just remembering how we knew each other and stuff and then there I am, all on your internets, drinking red red wine like I'm UB40 or something.

ps, i'm probably not stalking you.