Monday, November 3, 2008

We have seen this all before.

I have spent the last six Autumns tucking sheets into the corners of different beds. But, this October I have been cooking in the same kitchen as I did last and cleansing in the same shower.
Last winter I constantly listened to the National album Boxer while I drove to Ikeda's various elementary schools and the Jr. High. When I listen to that album now the familiarity gives me chills. At the time, I was so curious as to how the sun was going to fall the following day at a certain hour. I had no idea what a mid-January evening in Japan felt like.
Now, as Japan never changes it's clock, a 6 p.m. dark sky in early November holds no anticipation.

Regardless of where I am or what I am doing I know each year will have differences. Some of them will be welcomed, some of them not. But, this last weekend I took the opportunity to embrace the familiarity of a Fall in Japan.

It was another Halloween of putting a costume on in Naruto. Then transporting into Tokushima city. Where singing,

and dancing

continued till a pillow was under my head.

As time has a way of doing, it just slips by when there are so many things to see. This weekend could serve as the last for some Iya Autumn camping. Brad and I packed up my Toyota once again and this time the roads were familiar.

I hate to say that I may never return to somewhere I love. But, Iya is a hard place to get to without a car and Fall is it's best season. So the 500 yen was dished out to walk across the vine bridge this time.

Of course there were more onsens and soba. As well as the general feeling of contentment that can only be found when a tent is unzipped to welcome morning's warm colors of leaves.

I am not sure if everything is the exact same or completely different this season. Either way it manages to feel unique.

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