Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bikini's, Blue Drinks, Borneo, Babies, and Blogs

I got my bikini in the mail today.
The plan is that I will be wearing it on a beach in Borneo while I drink a blue drink sometime between December 22nd and January 7th. Hopefully it will be warm enough and it will not be raining.
To be entirely honest, I know little to nothing about Borneo. I do have a plane ticket to go there though. About this time last year I started to get so excited about traveling around southeast Asia that planning my trip literally became my full time job.

Recently, I have been too busy reading novels in my free time while at work. I have gotten into the habit of reading novels and taking notes on those novels while at work. For whatever reason, this note taking legitimizes my work time pleasure reading.

This time of year is also the first birthday of the baby featured above (my nephew Henry) as well as my blog. I have been documenting my life on the internet for one year to the day. Clearly, a lot has happened in all our lives in the last year. Personally, my hair is longer, my dress size smaller, my heart and mind much more jaded and my original lifetime list of things I must do has gotten smaller which in turn only, really, makes it longer.

In the celebration of mass media, wasting time in a productive manner, and living and blogging about a life that is so distant than the one I used to know I would like to recognize Chuck Palahniuk's understanding of variations of tourism. Palahniku's character Echo Lawrence describes UFOs as "human tourists visiting us from a distant future" in Rant (my current choice of fiction).

Then there is Wes Anderson's scene that always steals my heart:

If my blog had to be condensed into two small things I suppose those would be it.
All I can hope for is that people continue to be fine with my tardiness and once I leave Borneo tourism only continues to progress.

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Good one. Really good one.