Monday, November 17, 2008

The Struggle

The kotatsu is on. It makes me delirious in a state of warmth and comfort.

Last week in my adult conversation class we talked about cultural stereotypes. I figured America would consist of big everything- houses, people, cars, meals. But, we sat around the table and took it a step further. To them, America is now a nation that is in trouble economically and sends soldiers to many parts of the world.
I hear that the unemployment rate in the USA will continue to increase. I have a feeling that things there might be a struggle.

A few weeks ago I joined my elementary school while we all watched sumo, for the first time. In a town where the isles in the grocery stores are narrow and a kitchen and one tatami room is all the space I use, the size of these wrestlers seemed inhuman.

Once this season of hot feet and more firsts is through I hope I can embrace the struggle.

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