Monday, March 1, 2010

International Hostel 9/10- 9/16

On our last night in Tallin, Estonia we decided that we needed to get sufficiently drunk. We had not really gone out much during the trip. We spent most of our days on our feet and most evenings relaxing.
old town streets
television flowers
church in old town
reflections in sand
It was Friday, September 11th and we started the night off with pizza and wine. Then to the bars for very strong Estonian beers.
I'm gonna get you crunk
We spent the night on the dance floor in two of Tallin's gay bars. Brad managed to get hit on enough that got us both free drinks. We left after I got yelled at for taking pictures and Brad broke a glass on the dance floor. The following morning we boarded a bus that would take us to Saaremaa island. We found the most lovely hostel called Karluti, run by a husband and wife duo. During our time on the island we rented bikes and jumped in bodies of water. We ate mushroom soup in a bread bowl at a restaurant that was in a windmill. The soup was delicious and we had pancakes for dessert.
blankets and kitties
cold Brad, bike

The hostel was new and the owners were so proud of it. The first night we shared the room with a Dutch girl and our hosts boasted that it was a very "international hostel." We used the new kitchen and ate an elaborate meal on the deck. Of the trip I would say it was the most memorable hostel.

The following day Brad and I headed our separate directions with plans to meet again in Prague. I went to Parnu, which boasts on being a spa town. I saw one spa that looked like it had been closed for about ten years. The hostel I stayed in was almost empty and sterile. The only person I met was some older man that kind of followed me to a Mexican restaurant and then wanted to drink a beer. I decided that it was past time to leave Estonia. I made plans to ride buses for about 15 hours so I could get to Poland.

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