Friday, March 26, 2010

In Pittsburgh

I now live in Pittsburgh. Supposedly in Highland Park. But everything about the space I live in says East Liberty (which borders Highland Park).
Pittsburgh is cheap. People here have horrible accents and fashion. There are a lot of drunk people and people in tennis shoes with bags of fast food walking around downtown in the middle of the afternoon. And this winter was really cold. But, I have found my Pittsburgh routine to be a good one. Just under the surface there are some exceptional ways to spend the day. I finally managed to get a bunch of jobs. One here, here, and here. And those few days that felt like spring were fabulous. I even found a $10 bill on the ground one afternoon when I decided to walk instead of take the bus.
Every Wednesday Jocelyn and I go to modern dance at Dance Alloy.

And before we go we do things like eat salads in the kitchen in our leotards.

When I am not going to modern dance I go to Amazing Yoga which is now a donation based studio and my favorite place to be. I promise I am going to stick a big bill in that wooden chest when I finally get paid.
And when you live in Pittsburgh there might be a dumpster in front of your house one day and a kid standing on top of that dumpster.

And I can take a deep breath and put my hands on my hips and say, "I get this weird city I grew up in."


Anonymous said...

definately more Sliberty than Highland Park!

Sami said...

Good luck for your new hometown.

Hope that you can find suitable job for you...