Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feel Good Moments from the Couch

Recently, I have had two really feel good moments straight from the couch. Or rather the floor because there is no couch, but there are a lot of blankets.

Across the Universe. Realistic musical with a message and attractive well known actors. Beatles songs are better than any of the songs in Moulin Rouge and I found myself feeling good at the end as opposed to curling up in a ball and bawling in a Dancer in the Dark kind of way.

Teen pregnancy angst in a loving two parent household, over sized band t-shirts, and a soundtrack to shake your bangs too.
Feel good movie.

I will live anywhere as long as I can watch lots of tv and movies.


tesni said...

are we on the same wavelength. i just downloaded these two movies. i hated across the universe but i love love loved juno! you should see this other movie i saw recently called once, so good!. and also i just saw before sunset and before sunrise, also A+.

Molly said...
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Caitlin said...
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Anonymous said...

So...are those cute feet in your new blog header picture yours? mom