Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Breaking things and Dressing up

I scraped the side of my car awhile ago. I was singing along to Tegan and Sara, I remember it well, alone in my car, "I know, I know, I know" horribly off key with all the windows up.

Even over their cute voices and my poor rendition I could hear that scrap, probably for a good five seconds.

The sound of my car running against the side of some woman's garage entrance.

My gut reaction: my father is going to be pissed. Then I remembered that this was my car. I paid for this car, only my name is on all the car documents, he cannot even give me advice as to what to do when the car starts being weird, he has never even seen this car.

It all became much easier. And of course, the woman, whose wall I ran into was more concerned about my car than her property.
There is still a big dent in the side of her garage and she still smiles every time I see her.

The ear piece of my glasses snapping in half was much more upsetting.

I took my glasses to all glasses stores in Ikeda and there is no fixing them.
A part of me has died. Four years with those glasses. You would think that I could find some frames here in Japan, but there is just something about my pale face and big nose that does not work with Japanese style eye wear.

Despite my clumsiness when I get behind the wheel or when I fall asleep with my glasses on one too many times, I redeem my grace when I play dress-up in Japanese clothes and sit seiza for two hours.

The most challenging aspect of Japanese tea ceremony is sitting on ones knees with a straight back for a long period of time.

I sit still in this uncomfortable position so well and my kimono compliments my hair color in such a way that Hakuchi elementary insisted that I help place students hands in the correct tea ceremony positions as these nine and ten year olds took on this daunting task of patient for the first time.

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