Friday, February 15, 2008


Today in my beginner adult converstaion class we did an activity involving compliments. I gave them little slips of paper with "to" and "from" written on top. Then a compliment written underneath.
The compliments I received included:
-Your clothes are very fashionable
-You make me smile
-You have a cute nose (which is the Japanese way of saying- holy shit your nose is so big).
-You have nice skin
-You speak English very well
-Your laugh is great

That class was just filled with the sweetest moments. Everyone read their compliments aloud, sitting tall to then thank the person who complimented them, bowing their head with a smile.

At the end of the class they all agreed that they had "good feeling."

In my intermediate class I tried to explain the Electoral College. Basically what happened was I explained it to Shu, who speaks awesome English, then he explained it to everyone else. I am pretty sure no one really understood. But at least when they hear Electoral College in the news they will feel like they sort of get it.

Maybe they understood. I will try not to doubt them.

Yesterday I did a lesson with 3rd and 4th graders involving compliments as well. I had them pick a name out of a bag and make a Valentine for that person. They were to write "You are" and then pick from the adjectives- pretty, smart, nice, funny, cool. I was pretty sure no one understood and I was worried I just fusturated them.

But today when I walked to the playground of that school one 3rd grader came up to me screaming, "Caity Sensei, you ... are ... pretty! pretty! pretty!"
1. She actually remember what she learned yesterday.
2. She told me I was pretty.

I have come to the conclusion that I just hate February.

I have heard from many other JETs who are remembering this time one year ago. It was the time when everyone had their interview.
My mother is even feeling the nostalgia. I woke up with this email from her:
"I am getting ready for my mid-winter staff meeting tomorrow and this time last year (the day of the mid-year meeting) you called me to tell me about how your interview went in DC. You felt reallygood about it - remember? It seems like it was just yesterday!"

Right after that interview I went to Benetton and bought a $50 dress. I am kind of convienced I had the best JET interview in the history of interviews.

In the spirit of vanity I will elaborate ...

I went in there and they talked about how awesome my essay was. Then I just started talking about myself and teaching and the tight relationship I had with my Czech host family. That went on for sometime. Then they look at each other, could not think of questions so I asked them some questions.

Then I went to Benetton, tried on expensive clothes and talked to my mother on my cell phone from the dressing room.

I am thinking that the insanity I was feeling at the time moved me to rock that interview.

And by March of 2007 I had had my fix of shooting hand guns with Emily and was gradually leaving that winter funk.

It is Feburary everywhere. It has been cold for too long. The winter break high has turned to a memory and spring break is not close enough.

I am making sure that the compliments continue to come in the cold weather.

This is probably the best thing anyone has said about my blog:
"I`ve been reading your dumb blog while sitting in class and its kind of addicting in a masochistic kind of way."

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