Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our one year anniversary

I am jumping the gun a little bit, our one year anniversary is not officially until February 17th, but I figured I would address it now.

Yes! It has been an entire year since Britney took a razor to those locks.
Her and I have really shared some special moments since then.

It was a year ago that I climbed into my car to drive through a snow storm to Washington DC. Then to have some strangers parallel park my car because I could not do it in the snow storm.

The next day I was able to bear my high heels long enough to score a job in Japan.
That night Rose picked me up off the sidewalk when the vodka and OJ/ unsalted icy road put me there more than once.

On the 17th I pulled myself out of Rose's bed well after the sun had finished its rounds.

Puffy eyed and hungover I walked into a potluck of young professional Washington DC types.

But there was Britney. Shaved head and all.

I am pretty sure it was even on CNN.

It was a moment of clarity for me. Britney understood. Britney got it.

I pulled it together for the rest of the night.
I was the highly emotional, hungover, high school friend of Rose's that people might have felt a little uneasy conversing with.
But, in a room full of expensive beer and really intelligent people talking about law school and politics ... I had Britney.

Britney only continued to really shine the next couple of weeks.

I was right there behind her. Supporting her every step of the way.

Paris in jail.
That was baby sh*t.

Britney with the umbrella.
Hardcore and awesome.

Thank you Britney.
I could not have asked for a better year.


brad said...

"I'm ugly."

"My jaw hurts."

Rose said...

I just read this . . . I love you :-)

Caitlin said...

Hey Rose,
I <3 you!!! Big time!!!
Come to Japan and I will buy your hangover brunch.

Anonymous said...

After a "deeper" reading into your blog postings I have come to four conclusions:
1) we really have come a long way with Ms. Spears this year...
2) I miss you a lot
3) you are totally bad ass and HARDCORE like Brittany S.
4) Japan is lucky to have you...
much love,