Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coffee breath and Cake face and Winter things

Outdoor activity was on the agenda for Saturday. Naturally, Saturday morning greeted Japan with rain.

Brad and I decided to get umbrellas and head to Naoshima Island anyways.

Naoshima is an island, off Shikoku, that is home to 3 museums and various large installations scattered about.
Late Saturday afternoon we took a ferry from Takamatsu to the art island. When we got there only one museum was still open.

The rain had stopped and the umbrellas made good walking sticks while we got a little lost.

We made it to the Benesse House Museum with just enough time to leisurely check everything out. And late enough that no one was around to charge us an admission fee.

Next. Cake. Coffee. Kudasai.

Please help me find a way to spend the rest of my days only drinking coffee and eating cake.

Sunday night Brad and I walked a couple minutes down his street to Hiroko and Taka's place. Hiroko's brother came over too. We drank beer under the kotatsu and watched Riku-chan (their cool baby) fumble around his pile of books and point at pictures of himself in photo albums.

Being that Taka is Japanese he has good hair. He tried to give Brad some hair styling advice. He brought out styling products and got serious about it.

It was a unanimous decision that the new hair style was a fly fashion move.

And apparently Murakami's Kafka on the Shore takes place in the Inland Sea area in Kagawa prefecture, where I was this weekend.

A part of Japan that I am close enough too to consider it as home.
Opening that book is on my list of things to do before this hibernation ends.

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