Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sports that do not make me cry.

The last time I played volleyball I was in 10th grade gym class. It was a semester that I had to take gym instead of dance and all my friends signed up for coed gym, so I did the same (which was a mistake).

The class was post lunch, so it was rare that I would actually return to school, after indulging in subway sandwiches and everyones favorite herb.

But I chose to attend gym that day we played volleyball. I remember being yelled at, by my peers, as I gracefully escaped the route of any volleyball.

My 6th grade gym teacher also yelled at me for being bad at sports. She called me a frou- frou and said I was only bad at sports to look cute for the boys. I cried. Lots.

Yesterday at my Jr. High we had a sort of end of the term sports day. I spent about 2 hours standing in the gym as some of my favorite students played volleyball and I pulled my scarf tighter around my neck, watching my breath escape from my mouth.

When the official game ended I jumped in with some of the volleyball ladies, told them I was really bad but could not think of a better way to keep from freezing to death.

As I hit the ball in opposite directions or missed it completely on serves they all would scream ''Almost Caity!’’ Even though it was nowhere near almost.

We took a hiatus from volleyball to cheer for basketball. When the girls started to play again they insisted that I join them. When I crossed my fingers as a ‘no’ gesture they came over, physically insisting.

I continued to be a horrible volleyball player. They continued to enjoy my presence on the team.

When it was all over they said, '’Please. Play. Volleyball. Again!’’
I said, '’OK!’’


HypePipe said...

cait-o-rin! OMG. Through you, i learn what truth really is. I graduated today and Kimiko was there and i told her all about you! She said, "She musta be vely corld light now!"



liz said...

thats the cutest story i have ever heard.