Saturday, December 22, 2007

Heartwarming Holiday Stuff

2007 ... 2007 ...

I spent half of 2007 with a job I hated. Having late nights on Guilford Ave. and late afternoons at Ihop.
It was a lot like that Lilly Allen song, "Alfie."

So I will leave 2007 at that.
And ring in 2008 in Laos (that is the plan at least).

I am off to meet my sister in Chiang Mai on the 24th. And meet Brad on the 26th.
We will go to Laos on the 30th.
Hang out in some tree houses from the 1-3rd.
Then head to Luang Prabang.
To then fly to Bangkok and back to Kansai, arriving on the 7th.
Where I will meet Cara and Rory.

I am currently staring at a pile of clothes and my backpack, pretty sure I am packing appropriate stuff.
But when it is cold and rainy outside it is hard to understand that where I am going it will be warm enough to go swimming and wear miniskirts.

This packing happened after I pulled myself out of my warm bed after about 14 hours in it, enjoying some sleep, reading, and Annie Hall.

Last night at my end of the year enkai (work drinking party), I told 3 of the male staff members that I love hot sake and American girls are very strong at drinking. Both of these statements are true, but only should be mentioned when you can spend the following 14 hours in bed.

So today I have been transitioning (very slowly) into my holiday vacation.

Neutral Milk Hotel sums up what I will miss and gain as I embark upon a holiday with only Ann, singing, "Your mom would stick a fork right into Daddies shoulder. And Dad would throw the Garbage all across the floor."
"But then they buried her alive, one day in 1945, with just her sister by her side."

Maybe that is a stretch, but I have been listening to a lot of NPR suggesting that people go home in January or February when everyone is less stressed out.
I am thinking I will return for my next visit when it is warm enough to walk down American suburban sidewalks with bare feet.

I am feeling rightfully BLESSED this time of year as I have an adventure with my sister and a new friend.
As I still love, love, love those old friends.

In case my holiday cheer is not giving you that warm fuzzy feeling, this surely will. If that does does not make you feel like cookies and pine needles you have a cold heart.

Please enjoy your Christmas and New Years.
Give a fuck-ya to freedom.

And SEE YOU!!!

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