Wednesday, December 26, 2007


You think you have everything and then you find a pair of blinged out ballerina earrings.
Now I really might have it all.

It is funny hanging out with my sister and some of her NGO friends.
Last night at Christmas dinner people were talking about helping. What their job is and how they help people.

In Japan, I am not normally surrounded by enough people who speak English well enough to get into detailed, global, political, disscussions of helping.

And the English speaking people I do hang out with are all English teachers. And we all sort of sit around and bitch about our jobs or talk about the hilarious things that some kid did.

So as everyone talked about helping on global levels I sat their saying- la, la, la (or as japanese people do - ja, ja, ja) in my head. And I just felt pleased to live in a country where they have got their act together.

The weather in Thailand is beautiful, the food is the best (I just miss chop sticks), I love being paid in yen, and Japanese peope might be the nicest people in the world.

Ja, ja, ja.

Find me a better feeling than being on vacation ... I dare you.

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