Thursday, July 2, 2009

Naoshima's Bartender

I have been whining about returning to Naoshima for well over a year now. This past Sunday, Leah and I finally made it. The weather was beautiful and the only thing that went wrong was that no one brought sunscreen.

We took the ferry and rented bicycles.

We biked to the big pumpkin and took some pictures.

We went to the same museum I went to last time I was there. But this time the sun was out. So we went outside and took more pictures.

Then things began to take turns for the worst. People were hot, sunburned, biking up and down hills looking for some other exhibition, and no one had eaten lunch. We decided on the second cafe we found and agreed that just having a beer was going to be amazing. Leah started to fantasize about Hoegaarden. I told her to stop because we were probably going to have to drink Asahi. But, after walking our bikes up a narrow path we took our seats, looked at the drink menu, and there it was, Hoegaarden.
Summer Beers

We introduced the concept of putting a lemon in Hoegaarden to the cafe owner/ bartender. He drank one with us and we ordered another. He then let us sample the other brews he had along with the local sake.
Cafe Owner

Three hours later we finally left and laid in the grass to take more pictures. We only made it to one of the houses in the James Turrell Art House Project. Once we finally figured out where to go it was the last show in an exhibition about light. We got to go in for free. It was completely dark so Leah and I held hands. And after about ten minutes of complete blackness light gradually entered the room, giving us a perception of the space we had been sitting in.

We caught the ferry back and decided the sunburns were well worth it.


Anonymous said...

BETH!!!!! gosh darn girl I cannot believe you went to a BEACH with out sunscreen...what has japan done to you? time to come back to the good ol' beaches of NC and hang with people that apply SPF 70 (yeah that's me now!)

Caitlin said...

I do not even like summer anymore.

Leah said...

Remember how jyozu his English got after a beer?? If he serves hoegaarden with lemon as "Pittsburgh Style" I would say our work here is done.

Jane said...

I just read this blog, I'm at work, I don't know...I think I am going to go home, sit on the porch and have a beer right now.

Caitlin said...

Jane- I think that is an amazing July activity you have planned for yourself.