Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Final in Having Visitors

My parents have come and gone.
They arrived on a Thursday night from The States and left on a Tuesday afternoon for Thailand. I made reservations, I bought bus tickets and I led them through the doors of my life. Everyone got along and the only ailment was my mother's carsickness.
Everything went smoothly- god bless.
I met them at the airport and we took the train to Osaka. I could not figure out what train to transfer to and my father wanted to look at the directions. I figured it out and the following day my parents were at my mercy as I got us to Kyoto and Kiyomizudera temple.
In front of Kiyomizudera

Rainy Day

I made reservations at a fancy Japanese Ryokan. My parents found it to be the highlight of the trip. The room was beautiful and I understood what people in their sixties want to do when they have just traveled thousands of miles from home.
Our Room from the Garden

We were served dinner in our room and the multiple course meal was the most fabulous Japanese culinary experience.
Dinner Time

We went to the Kyoto botanical gardens. And, perhaps, most importantly, my parents really understood karaoke.
Mom and Flowers

Brad picks Songs

After a bus ride and car ride we arrived in Ikeda. We went up the mountains where my mom got car sick and my father looked genuinely pleased to be outside on the Iya Valley vine bridge.
Posing on Bridge

I took them to my favorite elementary school where the students and teachers showed my parents the same hospitality they have showed the other visitors in my life. Gifts were exchanged. My mother gave a book that her school had made. My parents were given fans.
A Gift from St. Pauls
Everyone got to the bus stop on time. And I took the last and deepest visitor breath.


rose leda ehler said...

Yeah Adams family goes to Asia! So fun! Wish that I could have been there . . .

Caitlin said...

Mother/daughter Asian lunch in our (distant?) future.