Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not in my Favor

Somehow I was born to a woman who is not Jewish. This means I cannot take part in Birthright Israel trip. This fact became even more aggravating after viewing Waltz with Bashir and I was reminded of a continuing fascination with this part of the world.
Rose, Emily, Leah, and Jake have all taken this trip. Matt and Andrew are departing for this journey, in just a few days. These are six people who all fall into the category of lifelong friends, former lovers, or family. This certain trip is a fate that I can have no part in.

And today I spent some time considering and researching what I really want in my future. None of the research following this consideration fell in my favor.

What I really want is to want to stay in a country where lunch breaks are spent in old trains that have been renovated into Udon restaurants where people smoke and nap.
As of late, only this has fallen in my favor:

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