Monday, January 26, 2009

Comradery in Quiet

I have been completely content with being absolutely quiet recently. Perhaps so much so that it could be a problem.
This evening I went to the onsen and ran into a teacher I work with. Somehow, my quiet was interrupted. And that felt very unnatural.

A 4 p.m. setting sun and a morning with freezing wind has the capability to be the most lonely or most comforting thing in the world. Luckily, winters involve rituals that keep most things in a predictable course of events.
Such rituals involve the excessive eating that I began in Bali, which has followed me to Japan.
The instinctual urge to lay around that happens every winter has, once again, fallen into cycle as well.
For this very brief moment the quiet is allowing me to feel content.

Meanwhile, Danny Boyle, the same director who did the film that frightened me more than anything, 28 Days Later, also directed a film I found to be breathtakingly beautiful and posed more cultural curiosities.

Despite all the hype that has surrounds Slumdog Millionaire the above movie montage might be my favorite of all time.


Leah said...

You like that scene so much because you really like trains--at least in movies.

I hope Jocelyn understands the laying around that will take place in Japan.

Molly said...

that montage was amazing, it is like us if we were little Indian boys...right? I thought so. Anyways, sorry I am a loser and I slept in this morn BUT check you email. Plus, I have some really great stuff for you to look at on the internet!
xoxo m

ps. I think we should move to chicago...think about it

Caitlin said...

Molly, that is just what I thought too. If we were not white girls that grew up in the American suburbs we would probably be young Indian boys, hoping trains. Maybe we should move to India?