Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ooh Fashion

Occupation: Runway Model.
It did not pay as well as expected, but I did it in the name of fashion.

Brian and Chalice were in this fashion show last year. The store, Renne is part of a fall/ winter show along with about four other stores from Takamatsu. This year, they asked Brian if he knew any other foreigner's who would like to do it. Brian asked his most beautiful friends and we showed up at their store in Takamatsu on Thursday to see our clothes.

Then we went to the fancy venue where the show would be.

I made the mistake of not wearing black or dark purple while hanging out with the fashion people on Thursday. I was wearing ankle high boots though, thank god.

We got to the venue Saturday at 1 p.m. and spent most of the afternoon nibbling on the provided snacks. This time I wore my black jeans with lots of zippers.
Then we watched some of the other stores rehearsals and sat on stairs that lite up.

I spent the day surrounded by beautiful people of various nationalities who all spoke Japanese. Thank god for Lindsay, who was also in the show, who is also of average height and weight and speaks average "I lived here for a year" Japanese.

In the name of fashion, I will carry you through the rest of the day's events in photos.

We lined up back stage at 10 p.m. and got ready to walk down the runway. Roughly, 300 people were in the audience. They paid about $20 to get in and ordered drinks from one of the fanciest bars I have ever seen.
I really do not understand what I was doing backstage either.

I was channeling Cara Craig as the hairdresser took special interest in my locks.

I made it down the catwalk, two separate times in two different outfits, without tripping, while hundreds of camera flashes went off. I stopped when I made it to the end of the runway to have my photo snapped by the large professional camera. And I crossed paths with the model that proceeded me at the right time.

All the Renne Models.
Then we ate cinnabons because beautiful people eat too.

Occupation: retired runway model.
That was weird. Next time I would like to just watch.
Hopefully I will never wear that much foundation ever again.

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brad said...

please bring the stretch denim shorts to the next one.