Friday, September 26, 2008

In my imagination

In my imagination ...

there are some really old Japanese women that live in the mountains near me. They were around before electricity and walk around vertical to the dirt under their feet. They are so old, they have lost track of their age.

all Japanese women in their sixties and seventies can spend the same two hours in a ballet class with me. Then they can spend the same four hours drinking beer with me.

all Japanese peers of mine have a job. None of them have arrest records. Nor do they have drinking problems that impede on personal relationships.

Japanese Jr.high school students enjoy waking up and coming to school. They welcome time spent with their families. And their thrills are met while baking with their friends.

The children in Japan can always get as dirty as they want. They have imaginations like the little girls in Totoro and the little boy in Ponyo.

Babies in Japan are allowed to play with anything, including electrical outlets and they never get seriously injured.




Anonymous said...

You know what, I think you just need to go to Thailand and all of your imaginary dreams will be reality. I don't know...ask Ann. Mom

Caitlin said...

Many of those dreams are a reality! Emphasis placed on the word "ALL" before these imaginary ideas.