Thursday, July 10, 2008

A lot of Desires are put ...

Tanabata is a Japanese holiday that happens on the 7th of July.

The story is that a prince and princess got together and this angered a god. This god separated the prince and princess. But, these two people can get together every July 7th, on Tanabata. The prince and princess convene in the Milky Way on this single evening.

On July 7th, people make wishes and tie them on bamboo trees. In the past, these trees were put into rivers and floated downstream. Nowadays, the tress stay on land.

I wished to speak perfect Japanese and live a happy life. A Japanese peer wished to travel all around the world, every country. She already has excellent English. And a woman who is older than my grandmother wished to continue her healthy life for a long time.

A lot of desires are put all over bamboo trees in July. Apparently, the Milky Way is the best place to act on them.

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