Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It feels like summer ...

when I return home with a red nose after an afternoon in the sun.

I woke up this morning questioning my life span. I left work early and came home to drink juice while I thought about finding the energy to walk to the store to buy ice cream, in hopes to mend my sore throat.
Three hours of sleep later I woke up feeling almost cured. It was truly a miracle. Or there was no one around to give me any deserved attention.

Outside and all around Miyoshi-shi I celebrated the beginning of July. I invested in a used bike this weekend and spent the afternoon getting to know it. My land lady helped me figure out how to properly inflate the tires so I could spend two hours noticing intricacies about my town that I would not bother reaching on foot. But, I was rudely reminded of the consequences of living in Japan when I finally got to the gelato shop, realized I only had 210 yen in my wallet, no idea where the nearest ATM was, and I live in a country that does not do the debit card thing and gelato is expensive.

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