Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Japan is cold and miserable right now.

I am pretty sure that it will never stop raining in Ikeda.

It snowed this weekend, but when I returned to Ikeda the snow had turned into brown slush and was being stirred up by the rain.

Between the rain this morning there was about a 20 minute interlude of snow to then return to rain again.

The snow in Tokushima is a similar kind of snow you get in North Carolina. But everyone here is a little more tough about it, so school remains in session and I find myself being a nervous southerner as I drive.

As a means to escape such hum drums of these seasonal blues Ann and I have decided to return to Houyxai, Laos and the spend the rest of our lives with our soul mates.

Caity + Juni = <3

Ann + that weird guy= a cleaner Laos 4 ever


Instead I am thinking a trip to New Zealand with Brad.
After that I REALLY want to check out woolly mammoths
so that means that some time travel is in order.

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funkychicken said...

Come up north and see some real snow!