Friday, May 1, 2009

The Bathtub

When I lived on Walker Avenue this boy, Matt Goldman, stayed in my home for an extended period of time. We use to listen/ watch this:

I am pretty sure he is now living in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Currently, my absolute favorite place to be is my bathtub.


Rachel said...

wow, boring is sexy in music videos.

Smitha said...

I can't believe you actually took baths (and not showers) in that super-tiny bathtub. My knees would have been up to my chin if I tried! But even seeing those tiles is very natsukashii. Have you noticed that they aren't uniform and that no two are perfectly identical? I like that.

Caitlin said...

There is a lot of character in this apartment. The Matsushtia's are redoing their entire garage house. It looks completely different! I kind of hate that.