Sunday, August 31, 2008

That Something New

My scalp is pink and my car is scattered with sand. I woke up, this morning, next to the ocean, tangled in my sleeping bag.
Tomorrow morning, junior high schools across Japan will hold the fall semester opening ceremony and I feel cleansed, ready to begin that something new.

Summer spirits end with August. And September brings hope of new dedications. I will introduce some new things into my life:
I will actually study Japanese.
I will eat more raw vegetables instead of Asian noodles.
I will do yoga more frequently.
I will watch more Japanese films instead of American television shows.
I will save money.
I will go to bed earlier instead of napping.
I will find moments to remind myself- hey, I live in Japan and that is interesting/weird/challenging/ a good place to do the above things.


Meyoki said...

Hey! I like your blog!
I would love to live in Japan!

Add me on facebook or myspace or something! Dw, I'm not a creepy person lol
Im 18 and I live in Australia and I'm a female. Or look up Victoria Leggatt on facebook.


FunkyChicken said...

Nice goals.

I should follow them too!!

Except for yoga and raw veggies...