Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Freedom Fighters


In just about one month I will be in the USA. I am flying into Pittsburgh on July 16th. I am tentatively planning to head to Philadelphia on Wednesday or Thursday July 23rd or 24th. From there I will head to Greensboro, NC on (probably) Saturday, July 26th. I will hang out in Greensboro until (about) Wednesday, July 30th. Then it is back to Pittsburgh. And I will return to Japan on Saturday, August 2nd.

I will most likely be driving from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to Greensboro to Pittsburgh, so if you are going to be in one of those places and would like to go to the next with me let me know!!!!!

And if you live in one of those places, let's hang out and if you are really important to me, I would love to know that you will absolutely be there.

I am exhausted and I miss you. I woke up in this evening, on my floor, with a sore neck and confused about what time it was as the sun had set.

My love and hate relationship with Japan continues. My love and hate relationship with life continues.
I am so glad that in one year I will be plunging into my next adventure. I cannot believe I only have one year to do the millions of things I am in this country to do.

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Cara said...

I've made some bitchin' mojitos this week. I'm savin' some with your name on it