Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cha Ching

After a 30 minute train ride and doing my make-up in the reflective metal part of the toilet paper dispenser in the train bathroom, Julia and Jordan met Brad and I at the Osaka station.

Julia is spending her second year in Northern Japan and Jordan flew all the way from Philadelphia to create some magical moments. The following morning four crazies from PA took that familiar bus ride from Osaka to Naruto.

And I was reminded of why Japan is a pretty sweet deal.
$ When all else fails, there is always the big money $. And by money I mean good times with good people in a place (Japan) that everyone can agree is relatively weird.
That weekend Naruto was host to English conversation, at rapid speeds, without awkward moments which created some special times indeed.
This is a classic Naruto shot near the brown apartments:
Then some of this happened:

Then karaoke happened:
Which was all thanks to Julia's determination to have some fun. A notion I was quick to give up on as soon the hunt for a karaoke venue turned into a challenge.

And the next day half the folks boarded a bus for the big cities of Honshu while the other half stayed on the island of Shikoku.

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